Residential & Commercial Plumbing Services

Plumbing services are not cookie cutter. Most jobs have their own set of variable circumstances. Best Price Plumbing prices jobs by hour or estimate whichever is most cost effective for the customer.

The nature of plumbing repair is such that most problems happen unexpectedly and comes as a surprise to the customer. We make sure to take special care with our customers so they know how important they are to us. We recognize the stress they may be feeling and are certain that we make sure to to offer the best customer service possible based on our experience regarding each task we take on. Our work process includes:

  • Schedule work at the customer’s convenience
  • Be sure the customer understands time frame of the job
  • Call 15 minutes before scheduled start time to confirm our arrival
  • Scout work area for easiest access points to accomplish the job at hand
  • Be sure to have all correct parts and materials ready to go so no time is lost waiting for parts to be delivered
  • Wear shoe covers so no dirt is tracked into the house
  • Thoroughly clean-up once the job is done
  • Offer discounts whenever possible
Hydro Jetting
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Hydro jetting is a method used to clean clogged or slow pipes and sewage lines. A blast of water at high pressure is forced down the drain, where it pushes grease, mineral build-up, hair and other debris through the drain. … Read More

Water Heaters
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Reliance & Brandford brand – 1 year full install warranty from BPP on all new water heaters, 5 year manufacturer warranty after 1st year.

Faucets (Inside & Out)
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Fixture replacement & repair both new and old.

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Repair, install, unclog both new & old.  Toilet running constantly?  We can help fix that too!  – 1 year warranty

Drain Snaking
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Full in-house drain snaking & maintenance programs for all of your drainage needs, backed by a 90 day warranty

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Replacement or new install, always backed by our 1 year warranty.

Tub & Shower
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Full tub/shower repairs and replacement